Nearly two decades after they supported the launch of Minaaz Art Gallery, noted artists come together to showcase their works in a group show

At first glance, it might seem like just another house in Jubilee Hills. But hidden by an abundance of trees is a small outhouse, which is now the Minaaz Art Gallery, run by Shahnaz Arni. Currently showcasing an exhibition of paintings, drawings and etchings by a group of senior and middle-level artists, the gallery is celebrating a reunion of sorts. “When the gallery was first set up in 1994, it was this same group of artists who had supported our venture and showcased their work at Minaaz. Some of them were students back then. All of them have come a long way since and this exhibition is an attempt to showcase this core group’s progression over the years,” says Shahnaz.

With works of artists like T. Vaikuntam, M. Krishna Reddy, Fawad Tamkanat, Anjani Reddy, Kavita Deuskar, Aarti Veer, K. Laxma Goud and D.L.N. Reddy on display among others, this exhibition is an art aficionado’s delight. As you enter the gallery you are instantly taken in by K. Laxma Goud’s aquarelles on brown paper. In contrast to his work is Fawad’s colourful depiction of Lambada women. Kavita Deuskar’s Yellow Vase in egg tempera (where powder paint is mixed with egg for a translucent effect) is definitely a break from the usual paints and coloured pencils. The cascading translucency of the painting was impressive.

Akshay Anand Singh’s work was very reminiscent of the vendors of Old City, while K. Narendranath’s love for coastal Andhra imagery was evident in his works. Bright and vibrant, his works had immense background detailing that added a unique texture to his paintings. D.L.N. Reddy’s work on the other hand was full of eroticism. Noted artist T. Vaikuntam specially made charcoal sketches for this show, while Gouri Vemula’s ink on paper spoke of her immense patience and love for art.

On proud display at the entrance of the gallery were two ceramic sculptures by Aarti Veer titled ‘Journey’ and Sarcophagus, which according to Shahnaz with a bit of diffused lighting could make for a great garden piece. We agree.

The exhibition at Minaaz is on till April 15 and might be extend up to April 20.