From mummies to malls, students showcased all at Creative Streaks

Each classroom was a whole new world. While one took you back to the time of the dinosaurs, another took you on a journey into the human body. Students displayed tremendous skill and creativity at ‘Creative Streaks’, organised by GRD School of Commerce and International Business to give students an opportunity to showcase their creativity, management and organisation skills and leadership qualities.

Every class was asked to decide and work on a theme for the event. Abdul Rahman and friends had chosen art. From cave paintings to art on canvas and vegetable carvings, they displayed them all. Then, there was ‘destructive art’ using fluorescent paint — the students had also made a stop-motion video on how the painting came about.

Technology seemed to be a hot favourite — a lot of students had based their stalls on topics such as evolution of Apple and Android. Then there were those with socially-relevant themes.

Students from III B.Com C.S spoke about female foeticide. With charts and realistic models, they explained how the girl child is considered unwanted in several parts of India. “‘Dawn Flakes’ is a nutritive breakfast option,” explained Vidya Devdas, an M.I.B student. Her classmates showed how the cereal is manufactured, packed and priced, launched (there was even a mock press conference!) and marketed.

A set of students had beautifully traced the journey of the retailer from the thallu vadi to the up-market mall. B.Com I year students had made posters on personalities who did great things despite illnesses and physical disabilities.

What’s a goat doing in a college? It stands by the ‘Thonmai Kudil’ feeding on keerai from a student. The kudil (hut) is a replica of the simple, hygienic home of the villager.

The wedding theme was quite interesting. A bride and groom tie the knot (students enacted the scene), guests dance at the wedding and all is well. But soon, the girl is harassed by her in-laws for dowry and she eventually hangs herself. Students creatively portrayed the ills of dowry harassment.

B.Com student Caleb Stevenraj is fascinated by everything Egyptian. He and his friends described the ancient processes of mummification at their stall. “It’s a 70-day procedure,” explained Caleb. Models of mummies were displayed stage-by-stage here. “The brain and the internal organs are taken out. The heart is left intact as Egyptians believe it identifies the soul. It is then embalmed and placed inside a coffin,” he said.

To explain the evils of smoking, some students had collected used cigarette boxes from around their campus to make models. The grim reality of diamond mining in Africa was the theme chosen by II B.Com students. What does an African goes through in the hands of his employers during the search for diamonds? How much does he earn? How is life in the land of the ‘Blood Diamond’? The students had the answers.