Visually appealing and thought provoking works by 12 artists explore myriad hues of femininity

To show support for education of girl child, 12 artists have come together to put up a conglomeration of artworks under the banner, ‘True essence of womanhood' at Alankritha Art Gallery. The art exhibition is being organised by Young FICCI Ladies Organisation.

Durga Kainthola, Kamana Pushkale, Kanchan Chander, Kavita Nayar, Nupur Kundu, Puja Bahri, Sangeeta K Murthy, Sarla Chandra, Shobha Broota, Suchismita Sahu, Suniyata Khanna and Sushmita Chowbey displayed their works. The paintings try to explore perceptions of femininity as perceived by othersaround them. A growing art movement is reflected in the manner in which the concept of womanhood is explored, through modernist interpretations that are juxtaposed with realism.

Suniyata Khanna's paintings stood out from the flock. Her oil on canvas can be interpreted in different ways; the painting has varied segments portrayed through a sense of surrealism. Kavita Nayar's acrylic works are mixes of pleasant blues and wise yellows. Her women, deep in thought with long criss-crossed and unwinding hair seem to draw a parallel on womanhood and nature. The paintings are an interesting interpretation of lines which let the narrative surface gradually.

Kanchan Chander's works include historical and monumental female figurines from age-old civilisations. A bit of the symbolism hints at the Harappa or Indus Valley civilisation; the women appear powerful and traditional.

The clever use of browns and sepia tones indicate historical referencing.

Nupur Kundu's impasto is a vision of space and crowd; it's an attempt at achieving a paradox. The white spaces give the viewer a chance at imagination.

The melange of colours questions your emotions and the silence at the gallery lets you delve deeper into the intricacies of the art-works displayed.