Art and lifestyle come together to create harmony in Zynna’s exhibition

An artist befriends a canvas to convey his deepest feelings, conviction and turbulence; here it finds expression first for the creator while gradually captivating the heart of a connoisseur who discovers a distinctive sense in it to keep the work with himself for a lifetime.

Whether putting an exclusive art work on the podium or selecting one for your home , art continues to be an exquisite possession. So, how about the thought of amalgamating it with your home furnishing?

An ongoing art exhibition held by Zynna a home furnishing and interior lifestyle boutique in the city, has a host of artists and sculptors from all parts of the country displaying their work. Jai Zharotia, a senior artist says, “Art is a language of expressing all phases of life and somewhere everything is interconnected. Be it is fashion, furnishing or craft... art has a soulconnection to each sphere.”

On exhibit are a range of mediums by various artists. On one hand where Mimi Radhakrishnan, Murali Cheeroth, Chand Mohammad, Annu Naik, Vijayata Bhamri have used oil on canvas, Jai Zharotia, Ritu Kamath, Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal have worked with mixed media on paper.

Nilanjana Nandy prefers a unique concept of stickers on paper in her work called ‘Mantle Pieces’ which quite interestingly blends well with Zynna’s conception of effective merging of art with home furnishing. “While making the paintings or even prior to that I had never thought of putting it somewhere like this, but I guess there are times when things just come together and create a perfect balance,” says Nandy.

Atul Bakshi has worked with and Rajiv Kumar has chosen mediums like brass, iron along with fibre glass.

Kumar’s works are titled ‘Love’, ‘Go Ahead’, ‘Top,’ in ‘Target’ and a set of ‘Compositions.’ Talking about the transition in materials used to carve sculptures Kumar shares that while bronze, wood or stones were used earlier, today there are various options available in the market which help in enhancing the work quality and providing new ideas.

Reetesh Sharma, one of the partners in Zynna says how initially the artists were a bit apprehensive in displaying their work, but once they saw the gallery, everything just fell into place.