Manu Singh’s paintings depict a gamut of human emotions allowing the viewers freedom to interpret them

The walls of Shridharani Gallery at Triveni Kala Sangam are adorned with paintings by the remarkable artist, Manu Singh whose exhibition comprising 11 creations is being held till January 12.

A treat for the eyes, this exhibition is the second solo exposition by the artist. The theme, “Wings, shadows and 1000 birds”, is a concoction by the painter exploring the visionary backgrounds and landscapes on a painting canvas. “I’ve always been drawn to wings since I was a child. Wings symbolises the aspirations one has, to accomplish great heights. Shadows are the key to our inner self, depicting the self defeating fear and 1000 birds signify joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance and love,” explained the artist.

Manu believes in expressing her inner feelings with the medium of art and stated: “I am not good with words, but I can convey my expressions and sentiments through my paintings”.

The exhibition has multiple shades of black, white and grey. The artist wanted to give a monochromatic look to her exhibition for she believed that bright colours sometimes dominate the theme of the paintings. “The underlying idea of my paintings was intense. I chose only black and white so that I would not loose myself into colours. I wanted to focus on the theme and my expressions rather than the colours. I tried to develop everything with black and white. Though, it is difficult to maintain the light and shade into two colours, but I tired my best to portray my thoughts and inner feelings,” explains Manu.

The elements and medium used by the artist are oil on canvas, charcoal on canvas, conte (compressed charcoal) on canvas and mixed media on canvas. “Charcoal painting takes around three months to complete. Since 10 years, I am only into painting. I am thinking painting, I am doing painting. One should choose a profession which one enjoys, and I am doing that. When I became financially stable, I left everything and chose to be a full time painter,” said the artist.

Manu’s works hold its viewer by creating an immediate dialogue with the piece of work the artist has created. She explains: “I believe art is your own perception. It’s impossible to paint a piece of work that speaks to everybody in the same language but then I have given a little description below every painting to take the viewer in the direction I want him or her to think. I am suggesting that this is what I think but then it is up to you. Sometimes I don’t even give a description, though I have a story behind that painting but I leave everything to the viewers. Let them imagine and interpret it.”

Experience the world of “Wings, shadows and 1000 birds” to comprehend the imaginative beliefs of the artist.