A group art show means getting to browse through various styles and techniques unique to different artists. While the current show at Alankritha Art Gallery too offers that; but it also presents one common aspect — an abstract or semi-abstract form.

The gallery is currently featuring works by four different artists — Archana Sonti, Bhawana Choudhary, Sujit Kumar Ghosh and Suniyata Khanna — each of who has a unique style of presenting their works. All of them are also known for their abstract art works that have been very well appreciated in the past.

The themes each of the artists has dealt with are markedly different. If Sujit Kumar Ghosh has dwelt upon the urban landscape full of chaos, Bhawana Choudhary’s works are full of fantasy, while Archana Sonti depicts herself as a stick figure interacting with various elements of nature in her quest to find God. Suniyata Khanna’s works on the other hand are more spiritual and have a sense of surrealism.

Sujit Kumar’s works explore the urban tapestry in a semi-abstract form. Archana Sonti on the other hand has a series of paintings that depict her as a linear figure in various moods as she walks amidst nature in her quest for the Supreme Being.

Her works are mainly ink on canvas with minimal use of colours.

Bhawana Choudhary explores the world of fantasy, a world that one can escape to. Though her works are considerably larger in size when compared to the others’, bold colours and soft brush strokes lend a softer look to the paintings. Suniyata’s works however, are what stand out the most with a more spiritual feel to the paintings that have various segments.

The paintings are on view till November 30 at Alankritha Art Gallery.