Kakoli Sen’s exhibition of paintings opens in Delhi on Monday

Kakoli Sen is all set to showcase her work in the Capital from October 8 – 14 at Triveni Art Gallery. Titled ‘Sailing my Ship, Shakti – The Power Within’, the exhibition deals with how we live our lives.

“Shakti is derived from the word ‘shak’ which means to be able. It is also a metaphor for womanhood. There is no aspect of universe that does not have feminine traits related to it. To someone it can be a deep concept and to others it can be a simple word. All my work is based on one theme only but every work has its own thought. I have a thought process before starting with the painting but it comes or develops only during the work,” she says.

The exhibition will showcase a total of 28 frames. Priced between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 2 lakh, the exhibition caters to art lovers with pockets of varying depths. The seasoned artist mainly uses gouache on rice paper and oil on canvas. “Gouache on rice paper gives is a very different kind of medium. One who works with it can only get the pleasure out of it,” she says.

The colour palette ranges from the basic red and blue to the turquoise blue and emerald green.

Sen gets up at 5 in the morning and start off with her brush and paints. “As a woman I have to maintain a balance between family and work. I have to complete all my tasks be it household work or professional.” Calling it her profession, Sen says painting is what she lives for.

“A painting can only be a good work if you are in a good mood. It’s of course a pleasure but it’s never been a hobby,” she concludes.