An art exhibition of works of 12 noted artists of Nandagiri Kalagramam was inaugurated by VUDA Vice Chairman B. Sreedhar at Visakha Museum on Thursday.

The exhibition features selected works of artists Ravinder Reddy, Venkat Bothsa, Ravi Patnaik, M. Adinarayana, B.M. Das, Sayya (N.A. Narasimham), Sistla Srinivas, Sudhakar Reddy, V. Trinidha Rao, Vissu Kunchey, GSV Krishna and V. Ramesh. The exhibition will be on till May 17.

Ravinder Reddy is one of India's most celebrated contemporary artists. His huge decorated heads have a heraldic presence.

One of his works titled ‘Migrant' is displayed at the exhibition. The figure type - having large, wide-open eyes, pursed lips and rolling flesh - provide him with a frame to mount a lavish display of visual excesses heightened by the figure's striking blue hues, evoking an earthy feeling.

Artist Venkat Bothsa's works on fibre glass trace his impressions of nature and man-made inventions that convey varied concerns such as the deteriorating ecological balance and global warming.

He narrates dramatic stories on human bodies and faces to transform the figures into living canvases that convey tales of our globalised realities.

Expressing human nature and emotions through simple forms, artist Ravi Patnaik plays with the textures of bronze to bring out the complexities of human nature. Simple human figurative sculptures convey intricate patterns of a human character through the textural moulds.

Nandagiri Kalagramam is a five-acre artist village setup with residential studios, common studio spaces and open lawns and greenery away at a distance of 15 kms from the city, away from the urban habitation.

An initiative of VUDA, it is a community of group of painters, print makers and sculptors of the region.