A workshop for design professionals this month to equip them with a ‘designerly’ way of product creation

How can the handle of a coffee mug be designed to minimise the weight on the fingers of the person holding it? What is the most appropriate angle for a car door to be aligned for hassle free access? Can a floor be colour-coded to help a person with weak eye sight to move around freely?

These and many more questions are sought to be answered through the field of industrial design.

Companies are fast realising the importance of design to help them achieve a competitive advantage for their products and services and the industry is aligning with academia to understand the intricacies of doing it well.

The Industry Programmes and Projects department in the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad conducts design sensitization and awareness workshops, seminars and activities to address needs of the industry. It acts as a platform to understand the use of design for development.

To inculcate a ‘designerly’ way of understanding the user as well as coming up with collaborative platforms for collective idea generation, NID is organising a workshop to be anchored by Gayatri Menon. The workshop – Introduction to design: Issues and methods will be conducted over three days starting July 25. Gayatri likes to explore the boundaries of creative methods in design and is pursuing her PhD in this area from IIT-Bombay.

The workshop intends to acquaint the participants with design methods and practises, critical aspects of design and design issues and relevance in the modern context.

It also aims to give a basic exposure to design thinking and practice and understand how it could be a key differentiating factor in the industry. The workshop is meant for professionals keen on understanding various facets of design, its use and relevance in the modern context and will cost Rs 10,000.