Bejoy Velekkatt won an award at Aranya 2012, a show held in Kolkata recently

Bejoy Velekkatt, who trained in art, believes that art is not all about painting alone. It embraces much more, like photography, sculpture and the works.

Combining all these gives Bejoy a high. ‘Graphics’ is the label under which he works now. This is a multimedia school of work. “Painting in oil and acrylic is the accepted form of art here, but graphics or digital art is getting popular. I like it and recently, my work which was shown in Kolkata at the Aranya 2012 show, won an award, presented by RAD (Reflections of Another Day) and Virasat Art,” he says.

The work, called ‘Silent Penetration’, was exhibited at the Ashutosh Birth Centenary Hall, Indian Museum, at Kolkata. The joy for Bejoy, for this recognition, was marred by the death of his father at the same time. The Thrissur-born artist who experiments in his art despite having to struggle in life, got a favourable signal when the National Lalitkala Akademy selected a graphic work of his, titled The Silent Infiltrator for the annual exhibition at Chennai in 2011. This got him the ticket for a national graphic art camp held at Chattisgharh by the Akademy. “It opened so many avenues for me, to see the possibilities of graphic art,” Bejoy says exitedly.


The opportunity to curate an important exhibition, Space Untitled at David Hall, Fort Kochi was another feather in his cap. “I got a good group of artists for it,” Bejoy remembered.The group included Alex Mathew, K. G. Bahuleyan, Bara Bhaskaran, Bhagyanath, Upendranath and others. Apart from group shows in Kochi, Bangalore, Thrissur and Chennai, Bejoy did solo shows early in his career at his home town, Thrissur.

Most of Bejoy’s works have a canine sentry in different forms these days. His series called retribution is in overpowering blue with fish, boatmen and a gigantic fish among a school of its brethren, in that order, telling a tale of retribution.

He used to be a freelance photographer at one time. Bejoy is interested in short films also, which he feels is another arm of art that is the natural corollary of paint, brush and photo. The inspiration that he derives from this recent award will certainly keep him going in the heartless art world where collectors, niche groups and galleries rule the roost, where artists cannot make a living without godfathers.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012