Mother and son bond over canvas and paints

Karuna Gopal’s unbridled excitement is palpable as one approaches her son Vikram’s paintings on display at Muse Art Gallery at Hyderabad Marriott. The exhibition titled ‘Abstrautisry’ (Austism, Abstraction, Artistry) however, isn’t just Vikram’s show, also on display are her works, “some old and some new” she says.

Paying more attention to Vikram’s works, the proud mother says, “He is fascinated by bamboos and given the chance he would paint them endlessly in varying colours,” she explains. And while Karuna needed to give some of his paintings a final touch, “some are left untouched by me” she says.

Vikram being an autistic child was introduced to art for therapeutic reasons but the child took a special liking for it and doesn’t need to be coaxed to paint or fill a canvas with his imagination. And since Vikram gradually stopped speaking, Karuna feels he expresses a lot through his paintings. “Finding meaning to his abstract creations is a big task. Because I really don’t know why he would paint a certain thing on canvas, sometimes it is like a big blob of paints, that’s when I step in. But his direct canvases are all untouched. For instance the canvas called ‘White Forest’ had five people literally arguing on who laid their eyes first. The painting is simple but impressive because of the embossed effect with paint,” she says, pointing towards the framed canvas.

And the emboss effect when looked from an angle appeared like a snow-covered forest in the wee hours. On the other hand Karuna on her part has dedicated her painting to the Delhi rape victim. Another very interesting work of hers is a painting of a girl with dishevelled long curly locks expressing her fear and worry both at the same time. Some of the canvasses are very colourful and bright that would boost an onlooker’s mood. Also very impressive is Karuna’s work titled ‘Taramati at Night’.

The show ends today.