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Updated: July 28, 2013 15:08 IST

Write to refresh

  • Srikala Ganapathy
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Personal touch: A neat handwriting makes for a good impression which matters even in examinations. Photo: K. Murali Kumar
The Hindu
Personal touch: A neat handwriting makes for a good impression which matters even in examinations. Photo: K. Murali Kumar

Your handwriting is as unique as yourself. Write as often as possible to boost your confidence and stay inspired.

Technology has become a way of life. Mobile phones, ipads, ipods, smart phones and so on. Undoudtedly, the concept of handwriting notes is dwindling today. With the pressure in education and trapped in virtual world, life is becoming hard and monotonous. How we are missing out new experiences in our life’s journey!

Having growing up with a fascination for handwriting, I currently work as a faculty at a private institute that offers handwriting services to students. My job involves working with students, assessing and correcting the areas of difficulty in their writing.

An art and science

It is an amazing experience to feel the unique harmony of head, heart, hand and eye at work when writing. It is always special to experiment with letters, to beautifully lace and interweave words, and in the process, unlearn old style and relearn the new with awareness. Spending a few moments on writing everyday leads one to feel the freshness of mind and spirit. Let us make an attempt to transcend our addiction to the virtual world and give some space to connect with our real individual selves.

For various reasons, one needs to put down ideas on paper. For a creative person, it could be just expressing one’s thoughts and ideas. Or it could be in order to present your exam paper, an essay or a periodic academic assignment or writing your resume. After all, some companies specifically ask for a handwritten CV. In all these cases, presentation is as important as the content and the idea. Poor handwritten drafts reflect poor organisational and thinking skills of an individual. This can hamper one’s achievements in his/her field. It is important to present the ideas clearly in a neat, organised and a readable manner to reveal the content. Recent scientific research studies prove that handwriting activates selective areas of the brain in a manner different from keyboarding. Studies also show that handwriting creates positive emotional response and motivation. Apart from the fact that handwriting is a fine-motor skill activity, handwriting practice builds clarity and orientation of thought, visual and kinesthetic memory of letters, focus, linear thinking and control. The handwriting skill encompasses aesthetic, academic, emotional and logical development. It is therefore essential to understand that handwriting forms an integral part of our education and our personality.

Insights & experiences

It is difficult to unlearn old habits of writing. The challenge is to remain motivated and determined to “unlearn” old habits of writing and pave the way for a better, new way of writing.

As a faculty, patience and perseverance to hold on and never give up writing are important elements in my learning experience. Let new technologies not be a threat to pen and paper. Life is all about taking charge of things in your hand to create your destiny. Grab your pen, learn to express the natural spark within you, enjoy the process of writing and define your “unique” handwriting masterpiece to the world! That will sure give you a boost of confidence and inspiration.

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