According to a press release, NalandaWay Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, which works for the welfare and uplift of poor children, will be organising a series of workshops on various forms of art for teachers and students in July.

The workshops for teachers include ‘Dance-in-Education’ and ‘Storytelling.’

The sessions of ‘Dance in Education’ will focus on the principles and process of integrating dance into the academic curriculum. The session will be facilitated by Tripura Kashyap, a dance choreographer and movement therapist, based in New Delhi. This workshop will be held on July 20.

The ‘Storytelling’ workshop will focus on the essential elements of storytelling, voice modulation, body language, and listening. It will be conducted by Geeta Ramanujam, Founder, Kathalaya, Bangalore. This workshop will be held on July 26. The registration fee per participant for both the workshops is Rs. 2,500.

For students

The workshops for students include ‘Dance-in-Education’ and ‘Superheroes: Creating a Graphic Novel.’ The former programme, which will be held on July 21, uses free-style techniques to unlock children’s capacity to express thoughts, emotions and ideas through their own body language.

These activities will help release stress, build concentration and self-awareness. The participants will be made to understand the different rhythms.

The workshop will help in enhancing a child’s social skills and explore their creativity and imagination. The registration fee per participant is Rs.750.

The workshop ‘Superheroes’ focuses on a child's creative potential and it will enable children to name, create, and design their own superhero. The participants will be given an opportunity to come up with their own stories featuring their hero. Their scripts will be illustrated by artists.

The session will be conducted by Jai Undurti, writer and creator of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel along with artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj. The graphic novel workshop will be held on July 28 and 29 and the registration fee per participant is Rs.1,500.

The workshops will be held at Max Mueller Bhavan, No. 4, Rutland Gate, Fifth Street.

For details, contact 98946 74133/ 98840 82774 / 98401 66898 / 9840166898.

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