(Members of E-Plus clubs in colleges have been given the following topic for discussion and debate)

Theme: India boasts of a remarkable number of languages spoken by people of different States. Our linguistic differences often become causes of conflict but they also lend our country that rare variety which we flaunt before the world.

So, what are the debates about and where lies the beauty of it all? Let’s explore.

Note: The activities scheduled for days 4, 5 and 6 need preparation. Get started right away!

1. One Language?: India’s many languages are often used to highlight our unity in diversity. But the language differences often create problems for us.

Do you think it should be mandatory for all of us to learn a common language? Write a short essay expressing your opinions.

2. Making Exposure Affordable: English is regarded as the language of opportunity since most job openings require the applicants to be fluent in English.

It thus becomes important for parents to expose their children to English from an early age and they often run to English medium schools, which charge high fees and teach little.

What do you think the government should do to improve English education in the country?

3. Your Pick: Who is your favourite author among the ones currently writing in your mother tongue?

Tell us a little about his/her work and writing style.

4. Away from Prominence: We know about the popular regional languages of India but there are plenty of other languages, which are spoken by small groups of people and are little known.

A few examples would be Santhali and Gojri. Select one such language and do some research on it. Then tell us about it including where it is spoken and written works in it (if any).

5. The Classics: Certain Indian languages have been given the “classical language” status. Sanskrit and Tamil are among them. Find out more about what it takes for a language to get the “classical” tag and tell us. Which other languages should be given this distinction in your opinion?

6. Varied Flavours: Most Indian languages are spoken in multiple dialects. Find out about the various dialects of your mother tongue and write an essay on them.

Point out the differences and the regions where they are spoken.