An undergraduate student from the Warsaw School of Economics, Lucyna Ewa Nowowiejska shares her internship experience at Infosys, Bangalore.

As an undergraduate student studying Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics (WSE), Poland, I was looking for an internship that would leverage my theoretical knowledge and serve as a stepping stone for my future. While considering my options for a summer internship, my objective was to work on a strategic project with a global leader that would add immense value to my career.

While researching on international internship programmes, I spoke to my friends and one of them happened to be an alumnus of InStep. She spoke volumes about the quality of the programme. Intrigued and excited, I conducted a great deal of research on InStep – and gathered a great deal of information from their website, Facebook and YouTube; I even read some of the media stories and zeroed in on InStep and decided to give it a shot. InStep turned out to be the perfect match for me as it let me choose my area of interest from a list of over 200 exciting projects that covered social media, big data, corporate strategy, market development and other trending areas. Being a finance student, I shortlisted a project with the Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) team and interviewed with my project mentor who explained the project and gauged the fit between my background and the project. Being based in Bangalore, the project would also give me a great exposure to an emerging economy.


What also attracted me to the programme is its legacy of having run successfully for over 13 years along with having a mix of undergraduates, master’s, MBAs and PhD students. Finding such a diverse global set of people at a single place is a unique experience. The programme also made my getting to India much easier. The internship programme at Infosys provides a comprehensive package of benefits that included airfare, visa fees, airport pick up and drop, transportation, medical insurance and of course, accommodation on campus.

As part of my project, I was investigating the relationship between financial and retail institutions in particular market segments. As an intern, I had complete ownership of my project and was fully supported by my team and I felt like I was involved in adding real value to the company.

Holistic experience

We were given the opportunity to take part in cultural workshops that enabled us to share our cultural experiences with Infoscions and also enabled us to connect with foreign cultures and diverse etiquettes. The team regularly organised ‘Meet the Leader’ sessions where we interacted with the senior management of Infosys. During the weekends, we travelled around India and had an exhilarating experience of understanding the rich heritage of the country.

All through the 10 weeks of my internship, I was surrounded by a strong support system. My project mentor constantly guided me and encouraged me to go beyond the defined parameters. My student mentor ensured that I had a great experience and helped me sail through the cultural differences.

InStep proved to be a worthwhile experience as it helped me develop an international business perspective and gain a broad cultural understanding. It also allowed me to form relationships with amazing people, exposed me to the multiple facets of a budding economic superpower and taught me new things about myself.