With the election year approaching, there is a lot of talk among college students about governance and the issues to be placed before the government. So what are their priorities? Let’s hear it from them.

Adharsh Raghavan, fourth-year MSc(Hons) Chemistry + MSc(Hons) Mathematics BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

Good governance is when the government's agenda is to alleviate poverty of all sorts. Make ends meet for everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in the nation, educate each and every citizen and provide them all with a sense of purpose in life.

One issue that I can relate to is how one of the gateways to get into one of the IISERs is JEE. Scientists are made to compete with engineers who are invariably not interested in institutes where science happens.

I do understand that this is an easy way to filter applications, but is it effective? I personally feel one of the criteria should be how passionate a student is towards science, regardless of performance.

Roopadarshini, fourth-year, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli

Scams and corruption should be less. There is a lot of money lost in this manner and that should be stopped.

The government should be such that people can rely on it. It should also encourage being scrutinised by the people. Things should be transparent. We should be able to believe that if the government does something, they will be right in doing so.

Preeti Solanki, third-year BCom, Ethiraj College, Chennai

Good governance is when poor people are given more importance. Education should be a primary goal, not just up to Class X but beyond that. There is a lot of child labour and this should be tackled. Most importantly, there should be clean and sanitised rest rooms available everywhere. Corruption is a major issue.

The government should not fool the people and the public should be notified on how money is being spent and there should be transparency. Judiciary must be given a free hand and politicians must not interfere with the appointment of judges. Sexual harassment of women has to be stopped.

Shuvra Roy Chowdhury, first-year MA Mass Communication, Pondicherry University

It is an important aspect of governance to bring the country under one umbrella. This country surviving for so many years is a big miracle. There are so many issues, not least of all is the North-South divide. If you look at the way the north-east is being handled, it just shows the ignorance of the government. They give a lot of importance to states with a big representation in parliament and less to states like Mizoram which have one or two MPs. There should be justice and equality.

Sooganya, first-year MA Mass Communication, Pondicherry University

Good governance would suggest a governing body that consists of different sub-structures all of which should function efficiently without internal hassles. Governance also includes taking other’s opinions into account. Decision has to be taken unanimously, after consulting all the respective heads of the constituting parts. A good governance should ensure that the functioning should be free from external influence.

If I had the opportunity to bring up an issue to the government, it would be about bringing the e-governance plan into focus. Some measures could be undertaken to make the suburban and the semi-rural population aware of the plan. Bringing this plan into action would help save huge amounts of resources and also will prevent manual errors from happening.