Internships help students to see how the industry works, develop contacts and think originally

The focus of degrees and higher education is no more just on scoring high marks; it is now all about being industry ready. In an attempt to prepare themselves for the professional world out there, students are increasingly opting for internships and part-time jobs. Apart from gaining some course credits, what remains with the students are the experiences, the contacts they make in the industry and the practical learning.

According to students, they not only get a chance to see how the industry works, the internship or part-time job may even lead them to finally bag a job with the firm as well. Keeping such positive outcomes in mind, students are now eager to do multiple internships in a variety of industries.

Here is what some students had to say about the trend.

Naga Sravan Kilaru, B.Tech, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore

Internship not only adds value and experience to our CV, but also helps us in making a wide range of contacts and broadening our network. In terms of curriculum, it helps us in having a better understanding of the jargons and the application of our ideas to the world. It gives us a bird’s eye-view of how the corporate world works. We also get to work under various experts which in turn broadens our knowledge. At the end of the day, I’d have not only learnt a lot of theory-based knowledge, but practically implemented them as well. In fact, I look forward to starting my first internship this summer.

Anish Majumder, final year, B.Tech (civil engineering), Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore

An internship or project is an exchange between the student and his or her employer, for the benefit of both. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain credits for the course. It is indeed fruitful when some interns find permanent, paid employment with the companies in which they interned. Thus, employers also benefit as experienced interns need little or no training when they begin full-time regular employment. It is a win-win situation in any case.

Sainath M.S., third year, B.Tech (mechanical engineering), Sri Revanasiddeshwara Institute of Technology, Bangalore

While studying in college, we only learn theoretical aspects of the subject that we are being taught. But through internships we get a chance to apply our knowledge on the field. I feel that internships enhance our hidden innovative ideas which also make us responsible and help us make informed decisions in future. Colleges must make it a point to conduct more workshops so that students can understand more about the practical aspects. When I apply for a job, no one will ask where I studied or the definition of any terms that I learned, all that they will be concerned with is if I can implement what I have studied on the field.

Nirupama Venkatesh, B.A., Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

Internships allow the students to get a cursory feel and experience of an industry. It not only serves as a bridge between academia and the corporate world, but also between theory and practice. It helps students hone their skills which are required in a professional atmosphere. It gives us an opportunity to interact with experienced professionals, thereby enlarging our knowledge base. As a communications student, an internship in a newspaper would help me understand the industry better and I’d be better prepared to enter it at the end of my curriculum.

Shreyas Rao, Manipal University, Bangalore

My internship and career focus will always be radio. However, as an intern I have ventured to work in other platforms such as advertising, social media and films. Internship is perhaps the only way in which a student can dare to venture out on various career options.

It gives a great deal of industry experience in learning the standards and application of ideas in any field. Interning in a radio station also helped me in tuning myself as a good listener, learn the technicalities of recordings and most importantly understand the audience. Besides, an internship experience is just as attractive on a resume and creates a neat, professional, all-round personality. I also regularly volunteer for events which I find very beneficial.