The concept of 20-20 cricket is so appealing that students wouldn't want to miss it.

Eight teams. 56 league matches. Two semi finals. One grand finale. But the biggest word on students’ minds — Exams!!! The Indian Premiere League might have got the attention of every cricket crazy fan. But for students, it’s exam time.

“To study or not to study? Sachin is at the crease, I'll just watch this over and get back to studying.” “Kolkata Knight Riders are on a roll, I want to watch them play.” These lines may just be thoughts for students sitting at their study tables covered with open books and the reading light. The question banks are open, a few problems solved. But the mind still runs towards the television. Its IPL season and the exams play spoil sport.

“But exams are more important. There will be a lot of IPL matches in future to watch at leisure isn't it,” questions Rekha Sahai, mother of Karthik Sahai, who's writing Intermediate exams. With degree and 10{+t}{+h} class exams yet to start, the scene is somewhat similar in all homes where students are preparing for exams. So what do they do?

Anything. From calling friends to find out scores, getting SMS updates, checking live scores on the net or even recording the matches on television… the list is endless. With hi-tech gadgets and TV set top boxes enjoying a good share of customers, students have smarter ways to watch cricket matches. “I programme the set top box to record the match while I'm preparing for exams and watch it during my free time. It's much easier that way.

I complete studying, watch the match and don't get into an argument with my parents,” says Pankaj Joshi, a student.

However, unlike Pankaj, those who have no access to such set top boxes, the internet is best way to catch up on matches.

“Though there is a restriction at my home to watch the matches, we end up watching them at a friend's place or see the highlights on the net. Restriction or not, we are following the IPL matches closely.

The concept of 20-20- cricket is so appealing that it makes the game unpredictable and we wouldn't want to miss it,” chips in P. Pavan, a student from Kendriya Vidyalay.

Call it digital bliss or just the internet, key moments of cricket matches are put up on sites such as Youtube or even available on torrent sites for downloads. “It's all about managing time. If there is a match the night before an exam, I see the match the next day on the site or have someone download the match. That way, we study and also see what's happened in the match,” says Rishab Kumar, an Intermediate student. So, exam or no exam, students sure know a way to catch up on a missed cricket match.