For students wanting to pursue higher education, the process of choosing the right course in the right college is unnerving and confusing. Especially for those aspiring to study abroad, the problem accentuates when looking for the right scholarship option and fee structure. Univariety, a start-up based in Bangalore, tries to address this need. One of its co-founders, Jaideep Gupta, tells S. Dipak Ragav about Univariety and the work they do.

Can you tell us about Univariety?

Univariety focusses on multiple university admissions and scholarships for students passing out from school. There are new developments in the college space every day — Availability of foreign degrees locally, 100 per cent scholarships and twinning programmes and partnerships between universities, and so on. Our mission is to help students determine the best set of choices available to them given their preferences, performances (marks) and financial capability.

On the other side, universities and colleges from around the world are spending time and effort trying to find the right type of students. We enable interested universities to pre-select students who meet their criteria and avoid wastage of valuable marketing budgets. We are trying to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How different is your venture from a regular consultancy?

Univariety is an online platform where universities can make provisional admission offers to students. Students can accept or reject offers. We use technology to showcase student profiles to a large number of relevant universities which match the student’s requirements.

We are not commission-fee-based agents and therefore unbiased in our advice. Our objective is to get students the best admissions offers at the best possible cost. We generate interests or provisional offers from multiple universities for the student even prior to submitting a formal application. So on an average, a student chooses from 20-plus universities which match his preferences. Students are provided consultancy for admission to both Indian and overseas universities. We work with students either through the school outplacement system or directly through the online channel, in a transparent manner.

Do you assist undergraduates and school students who wish to pursue their studies abroad?

We help school students to evaluate all the college options they have while understanding their admission chances and procedures. We also encourage students to see which among the thousands of scholarships that are available, suits them.

About your school tie-up

The efforts of Univariety are focussed on getting students the best college admissions and subsequently scholarships also. Through our technology platform and team of counsellors, each student can see dozens of university options which suit his/her profile. The students can get all their queries answered at one place. The counselling system of Univariety inside schools aims at adopting a disciplined approach for students of classes XI and XII. These students create their profiles and update their choices. This information helps the system and counsellors to shortlist options, answer queries and assist them all the way till admissions. We are also training nominated teachers to start functioning as part-time in-school counsellors.