With its accommodative policy, Denmark provides scope for cutting-edge research in life sciences and biotechnology.

It is common for students to bet on some of the Ivy League schools or top notch universities in the U.K. when contemplating a degree abroad. Language is one of the defining criterions when deciding on a course of study overseas, and students have largely shown a preference for studying in English speaking countries. Denmark has kept up with this and offers a variety of courses in English in its universities, some of which are ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Siddhart Sareen, representative of Danish Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps and a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Copenhagen and Jason Breaux, project manager with Copenhagen Capacity, were at IIT Madras to brief Indian students on study opportunities in Denmark. These range across different skill sets and levels of study.

For example, in the industrial Ph.D. programme, students are employed by a company for a project while being simultaneously enrolled in a university. Research institutions, universities, and public and private foundations also offer Ph.D. scholarships.

Similarly, having a Master’s degree in a university here has its advantages. Indian students can find opportunities in industries where there is a shortfall of specific skills such as IT. This is made possible with the three-year work permit foreign students are eligible for. Doors are open for employment opportunities also for those who have not studied in Denmark. Sareen says, “If your skills fit the ‘Positive List’ descriptions on the Danish Immigration Services website, there is a high likelihood you will be issued a Green Card.” The Ministry of Education is in the process of procuring parliamentary approval for issuing automatic three-year extensions to all Master’s and Ph.D. students.

IT and engineering students can find interesting prospects after finishing their Master’s degree. Breaux says, “While doing your master’s degree, Danish companies offer internships to assess students’ skills during their stint with the companies, serving as a launch pad for future absorption by these companies.”

What about opportunities in research and development? “As a regional hub for R&D in the pharmaceutical sector, Denmark offers world-class, highly-competitive career options in the life sciences and biotechnology,” says Sareen.

Funding options

An exchange programme was recently launched with India in the field of biotechnology. Expected to last till December 2019, this initiative is aimed at those with a Master’s degree, Ph.D. students and scientists, who will be given a monthly grant.

Furthermore, the India4EU II of the Erasmus Mundus programme offers 126 scholarships in social sciences, business studies, agriculture sciences, architecture, et al. You could refer your queries at https://www.facebook.com/StudyInDenmarkIndia.