Tired of lugging a laptop for all those important presentations? Well, here is a solution. You can now carry your cell phone with you and make the presentation. Amit Biswal, a B.Tech. final-year electrical and electronics engineering student of VIT University, Vellore, has invented a “mobile-based LCD projector.”

The invention uses a pocket-sized electronic device (using ARM Processor) which can be connected to any projector using a bluetooth-based mobile phone and can interact with the device to control projector display wirelessly. The only prerequisite is an Android phone with bluetooth.

Biswal had developed this idea under the guidance of Prof R. Marimuthu. “To control the device using a phone, the user needs to install the supporting mobile software applications, which have been developed by us specifically for this purpose,” says Biswal. The software costs Rs. 3,000. The device completely eliminates the need for big/heavy laptop, multimedia presenters and laser pointers.

The patent for this pocket-friendly embedded device has already been filed. Prof. Partha S Malick, dean, School of Electrical Engineering at VIT University, says, “This device acts as a mediator between a mobile phone and projector. It can be connected to any projector. Any mobile phone having bluetooth can be used with the device.”

Interestingly, this technology has been implemented in VIT itself, he says.