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Students take up diplomas and add-on courses to enhance their resume and to gain skills that would help them in their respective professions

Competition seems to be ruling over student’s lives today and in this rat race, graduating with just a degree is not considered adequate by employers. Some students do extra certificate courses to add value to their resume.

While in college, some of the students to whom The Hindu EducationPlus spoke said that they take up diplomas and add-on courses to enhance their resume and to gain skills that would help them in their respective professions.

Maaz Adeeb Syed, B.E. (II year), Computer Science Engineering, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

“I have enrolled for a certificate course in hardware and networking professional which will be a good addition to my resume as B.E. is more software and programming oriented. Computer engineering courses taught in colleges are software oriented but the hardware course I am doing will make me skilled in both, giving me an edge over other engineering students. Moreover, while looking for a job, companies would prefer someone who has studied both software and hardware over one who has learnt only one of them.”

Madhusree Narayan, B.A. (II year) Journalism, English Literature and Psychology, Mount Carmel College

“Being a student of journalism, diploma courses are needed to fortify my resume. I am doing a Diploma in Business Journalism as I feel this will surely give me an advantage over other students. Since regular classes have time constraints, taking up an extra course helps me to gain in-depth knowledge about the area.

We have to go out and talk to people during this course which would help me build my network and develop contacts. This course would also widen my horizon about various beats under business journalism.”

Nayantara N., B.A. (Final Year), Journalism, English Literature and Psychology, Mount Carmel College

“There is cut-throat competition once you step out of college, and to survive this race, I realised it’s always better to have knowledge of certain areas in addition to that of the classroom syllabus. Being in my final year, I’m always under the impression that I’m under-prepared to take on the challenges once I graduate.

I have enrolled for add-on courses such as photography, documentary and sociology. While the first two would hone my practical skills, sociology would help me with the dissertation and give me a better understanding of society.”

Gagan Gupta, BCA (Final Year), Jain College, J.C. Road

“I did a certificate course in basic and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming in my first year. I have organised three leadership summits which gave me a chance to put my skills into practice.

This course has enhanced my communication skills and prepared me for various interviews.

Interacting with people of different temperaments and leading a team facing various situations definitely gives me an advantage over others when I am working.”

Archie Sinhal, B.Com (II year), Christ University, Bangalore

“As mine is a morning course, I have a lot of spare time after college. I was interested in doing fashion designing so I decided to join a diploma course.

Even though the two streams are quite different it gives me the advantage of an optional career after graduation. Having a degree before entering the fashion world will give me an edge over others at the time of interviews.”

Abhinav Kumar Singh, B.Com (II year), SJR College of Arts, Science and Commerce

“I am doing a diploma in banking and finance along with my B.Com as this will increase my chances during placements.

I plan to do my master’s in accounts, so the diploma will help at the time of admissions also. Moreover, this diploma will be an add-on in my resume and help me get a good job.”

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