The Business Standard Quiz

Gaurav Sri Krishna

Bloomsbury India

Rs 175

The book consists of a series of questions by quiz master Gaurav Sri Krishna in the broad area of business. The questions are divided into six sections: brands and ads, finance, management, technology, personalities and trivia.

Each of the questions has been given a background, making the book more of a riveting read than a quiz book merely to remember facts.

The sections are interspersed with boxes on interesting facts and events from history.

Staff Nurse Exam Panacea

Deepu S Menon


Rs 200

A guide for students preparing for nursing, Staff Nurse Exam Panacea has concisely covered a number of topics in the broad chapters of Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing and Community Health Nursing.

Questionnaires, diagrams, tables, charts, boxes and definitions make it easier to navigate the book.

Questions from previous years’ exams and model question papers are also listed.

Compiled by Bincy Mathew