General Studies for Civil Services Examination Paper II McGraw Hill Education

Madhukar Kumar Bhagat, Arun Sharma, Anhijit Guha, Hari Mohan Prasad

Eighteen test papers and solved papers (2011-13) will help you get ample practice for General Studies paper II of the civil services preliminary exams.

Introduction to the comprehension section gives you all-round advice on improving your language skills, with 100 passages for practice.

The section on interpersonal skills including communication skills lists 1,115 frequently asked words in addition to an exercise on usage-based vocabulary. There is an explanatory note on guidelines to be followed when answering questions on sentence completion and paragraph jumbles.

Reaction tracker is a step-by-step approach to solving questions on logical reasoning.

The general mental ability section and the basic numeracy and data interpretation section have detailed questions with the answers.

Indian Economy for Civil Services Examination McGraw Hill Education, Ramesh Singh

Price: Rs 350

The fifth edition to Indian Economy is updated with the Economic Survey 2012-13, Railway Budget 2013-14, Union Budget 2013-14 and Census 2011.

This is useful for “economics” — paper III of general studies of the UPSC exams.

A comprehensive book, it is a dictionary on economic concepts and terminologies, covering a range of topics such as the different sectors in an economy, growth and development, planning, reforms, inflation, agriculture, industry, banking, insurance, security market, external sector, tax structure, public finance, technology- environment dilemma, sustainability and climate change, demographic dividend and human development index.