The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. Dover publications

$ 3.95

William Strunk has concisely put together suggestions for improving sentence construction, structuring a paragraph, and appropriately using punctuation. The use of the apostrophe, in Jesus’, Charles’s and Achilles, has been highlighted. Similarly, examples are given in each of the segments.

The writer has covered expressions and words commonly misused and misspelt; why sentences should be in positive form and active voice; importance of using concrete language; omission of needless words; use of a single tense; and correct presentation of quotation, numerals, references and titles.

Why I failed, Shweta Punj, Random House India Rs 199

How about looking at failure from a different perspective? The author has talked about the failures of 16 prominent people from Abhinav Bindra to Narayana Murthy, Madhur Bhandkhar to Sabysachi Mukherjee.

“You need failure to succeed” – the writer’s own words.

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