Project: The second year students of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SMV Institute of Technology and Management, Bantakal, have developed a unique system called “Solar-Powered Smart Pedestal Lighting System for Remote Rural Areas”, as part of a sponsored project.

The main aim of the project is to provide a smart street lighting system for an entire village powered by solar energy. The project aims at harvesting the energy from renewable energy sources like sun and to effectively use the harvested energy for the benefit of remote villages facing serious electricity problems.

The word “smart” is used because the system not only powers the street lights but also detects the direction of movement of the pedestrians and helps them by of illuminating the path of movement. By integrating all the street lights with the smart street light system it is possible to systematically help the pedestrians to reach the destination in remote rural areas.

The same system can also be used for household lighting as it works on the principle of sensing the thermal signature of human body to switch the light ‘On’ or ‘Off’, thereby making efficient use of electric power.

The project was sponsored by the Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Department of IT, BT and Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka. The students who carried out this project are Pranav P. Rao, S.R. Dhanush and Ajesh, under the guidance of Rajesh Nayak, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communications.


Lectures: The Goa University will hold a series of six lectures by Anthony Gonsalves Research Chair for Western Music, Mark Troop on “The Classical Style in Western Music 1750-1830, I- THE GLORIOUSREVOLUTION” at the Goa University Complex , Taleigao Plateau, north Goa, from July 1 to12. The timings: 2.30 p.m-5.30pm. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturdays.

The course will be held under the Visiting Research Professors’ Programme (VRPP) and the Anthony Gonsalves Research Chair for Western Music. Students, teachers of music and members of the public can attend. Ramrao Wagh, VRPP Chief Coordinator, said registration has to be made online only through website www.unigoa.ac.in/vrpp


Training programme: A training in value addition to mango products was organised at the College of Horticulture in Kolar recently. Delivering a lecture on the issue, Mallikarjunbabu B.M., senior assistant director, Horticulture Department, Srinivasapur, said women can earn a reasonable income by engaging in producing value addition products of mango crops. In Srinivasapur, which is the largest mango producing area in Karnataka, 40 per cent of the fruit is being wasted due to various reasons. The interested women and members of self-help women’s groups can prepare jam, jelly, chutney and pickles to earn income, Mr. Mallikarjunbabu said.

K. Vasudev, assistant professor of the college, said there is huge demand for mango pulp. He explained in detail the processing procedure of mango fruit. The value addition products of mango could be preserved for 12 months, he said. Resource person Deepa Teradal gave a demonstration on the subject. Krishi Vijnana Kendra chief K. Tulasiram, and Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Department professor M. Shivanna were present.

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