What role does technology play in helping shape a better tomorrow? How are the press and media responsible for instigating a reform? What is the contribution of the burgeoning infrastructure sector towards overall development and progress and its road ahead?

These are some of the questions that will be subject to intense debate at the K! Conclave - Envisaging India -“Towards the dream of a brighter tomorrow” on January 21 as part of the international techno-management festival of the College of Engineering, Guindy - Kurukshetra. Attempting to arrive at a collective vision for the nation that presents a holistic view than a narrow one, the K! Conclave will see the participation of technology evangelists, media giants, policymakers and delegates from the UNESCO.

The conclave will be a one-hour presentation session that is to be moderated by Rajiv Lulla of NDTV Hindu. Praveen Vishakantiah, president, Intel India, that spearheads the innovation buzz, will present the role of technology in empowering lives.

Maheshwer Peri, president, Outlook India, will shed light on freedom of the press. Premkumar Manavazhi, operations manager, Caterpillar, will lay out the real deal in store in the infrastructure boom. Josh Foulger of Nokia will bring to the forum his views for envisaging a better tomorrow. There will also be a talk by a delegate from UNESCO.

Madraspatnam, Madras and now Chennai, whatever changes the name has undergone, this 350-year-old city has always retained its old world charm while being open to modern cultural and social changes. Buried in the sands of time are the real wonders of Madras, which, thanks to the heritage lovers, will be on display at Kurukshetra's highlight exhibition - Madras, Science and Technology.

Navin Jayakumar of Landmark fame, along with Gopal Kidao will host the K! Open Quiz, set to be a cut-throat battle between the best brains from all over the country. For the biz quizzers comes Kurukshera's Business Quiz.

For more information, log on to www.kurukshetra.org.in


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