Mismatch between poorly trained students and super smart question papers...

This article is about the thoughts of every “to-be engineer” after they sat for the Anna University examinations this semester. Or maybe it has been in the mind of everyone who has written it so far! Either way one thing is for sure — there has to be a serious reformation in the process of allocating the portions and setting the exam papers in Anna University!

Every time we start a semester we are given a syllabus book which helps us plan our studies and buy the right books as well! But every Anna University exam, through the ages, has had a peculiar pattern which has made every student weary of even attending them. If the idea was to make us know our subjects better, they are seriously wrong in their approach.

Ask anybody who has been through it. Everyone would agree that at least in three or four of their examinations they were treated like “Test Subjects” to prove that the University has superior question paper-setting skills, at the cost of our poor grades! We’ve been in a situation where understanding the question and the data in problems were so complex that we couldn’t even write the “Given” list!

As students, we offer only one solution to this. Raise the standard of teaching and the learning process through application-oriented learning so that we don’t find ourselves at sea on seeing the question paper. Only then can the future of engineering students be better!