Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) board will meet on September 25 to take a decision on the implementation of a new government order on pay structure that has been opposed by the faculty members, sources said.

The IIM-A faculty council during its meeting held on Saturday last had opposed the new government order on pay revision and asked IIM-A director Samir Barua to delay its implementation by a month.

“IIM-A board meeting has been convened on September 25, and the issue of implementing the new government order on pay revision shall be taken up for discussion then,” a top official at IIM-A told PTI.

The council termed the new order which puts 40 per cent cap on the promotion of professor to senior grade, and restricts the number of domestic and international conferences a professor can attend annually, as ‘infringement on academic freedom of the institution.’

The faculty council has also decided to take up this issue with other IIMs before deciding on future course of action.

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