Australia’s overseas education industry has asked the government to consult it before making any further policy and legislation changes as part of its effort to clean up the scam-tainted sector.

Stating that the recent “pre-emptive” action by the Australian government to save its USD 15 billion education industry that took a brunt after blanket coverage on Indian student attacks were more towards reassuring offshore markets than developing long-term plans, the apex body asked the government to include its suggestions as well.

In a joint communique, international education peak bodies will call on the government to consult with them next month before going ahead with any further policy and legislative decisions, media reports said.

The industry was concerned that the crackdown needs to be better targeted at potentially dodgy training colleges if the sector is to be cleaned up and its reputation protected.

“It is a response designed for a particular audience, and that audience isn’t in Australia,” Stephen Connelly, head of the International Education Association of Australia, said.

Mr. Connelly said the government had not consulted with the industry on the re-registration move, which he said was pre-empting an already brought-forward review of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act.

Martin Riordan, head of TAFE Directors Australia, said the industry welcomed the government taking action, but said Canberra needed to consult more.