Students’ take on the revaluation process

Exams are major milestones in a student’s academic life. Those who score marks as they have expected are gratified while others feel disappointed. Among the latter, many would wish to go through their papers again which leads to the process of applying for revaluation. For this process, universities and colleges collect fee from students. The fee varies from one college to another.

Recently, Bangalore University revised its fee for getting a photocopy of the answer sheet and for revaluation and reduced the amount, in addition to relaxing the criterion to apply for revaluation by letting even those who have score 0 apply.

The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to some students about the whole process. Here are excerpts.

Meghana G., third year B.A., Jain University, Bangalore:

Firstly, applying for revaluation in my college is a lengthy process. The major problem lies in the fee that they ask for. Considering the fact that we students have to pay Rs. 1,000 on revaluation, most of us do not opt for it. Moreover, even if we have to get a photocopy of our answer sheets, we need to shell out Rs. 750. But I think it also depends on how confident the student is that he or she will score much higher after revaluation. Also, the fee can be reduced as different students from different classes of society are not able to even think of applying for it.

Shwetha G., fifth semester, Electrical and Electronics, Global Institute of Technology, Bangalore:

Getting more marks in exams is always an aim for students. But money plays a vital role when it comes to revaluation. Students consider it only when they are sure of getting more marks. But in VTU, they are being charged Rs. 500 for compulsorily getting a photocopy, and then only they can apply for revaluation at the cost of Rs. 400. I think paying Rs. 900 for getting more marks for what we wrote is not at all reasonable. The fee could be reduced for the benefit of students.

Shreeharsha C.M., third year B.A., Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Autonomous College, Ujire:

Though mine is an autonomous college, the revaluation fee is same as that of Mangalore University’s. Revaluation fee is Rs. 420 and application for it costs Rs. 100. If the student is willing for personal evaluation, then it costs Rs. 130. Application fee is not separate for all the subjects so it has been helpful for the students as the fee is affordable. Also, usually, there are not many complaints in the evaluation process.

Ranjitha, second year, B.Com, Vidya Vardhaka Sangha First Grade College for Women, Bangalore:

It is welcome that Bangalore University has reduced its revaluation fee. But it charges Rs. 300 for photocopy and Rs. 500 for revaluation which is only satisfactory. There are many other colleges in Karnataka which charge lesser for this. Yet there are students who can’t afford to pay this money, which leads them to give up the idea of revaluation.

Raghuveer K.B., City Engineering College, Bangalore:

Students who apply for revaluation under VTU are more in number when compared to autonomous colleges. It costs Rs. 900 and those students who get more marks after revaluation will not get their entire money back, which ends up in dissatisfaction. My suggestion is not to make photocopy compulsory and also to reduce the fee for photocopying. That would be helpful to those who, although being poor, dare to pursue engineering.

Sukesh Kalappa, first year B.Com, Sheshadripuram Degree College, Bangalore:

Bangalore University has taken a good step in reducing the fee for revaluation. But poor students cannot afford it even though they are willing to go in for revaluation.