Being part of NCC and attending self-defence workshops enable girls to defend themselves against attacks

In the present-day scenario of atrocities against women, Bangalore has become one of the most unsafe cities in the country and ranks fourth in recorded rape cases, as per the statistics of National Crime Records Bureau 2012. With the recent cases of a nine-year-old rape victim in Sampigehalli and a 32-year-old accused of allegedly raping his 15-year-old tenant, the number of cases reported against women are peaking in the city.

The Hindu EducationPlus finds out how students across the city are preparing themselves to tackle such extreme situations.

Shobha P.R., second year, Bangalore Institute of Technology

Being part of NCC, I was given training to tackle situations where you have to be composed and it has helped me in many ways.

Many students are unaware of its benefits and I believe schools and colleges play a major role in spreading the word of its awareness. Students who are not part of NCC or NSS should be given opportunities to attend workshops/classes.

Kaushik H.A., second year, B.E. Computer Science, JSS Academy of Technical Education

Focus on NSS or NCC at the college level has diminished and very few colleges encourage these extracurricular activities. I believe that students, especially girls, should attend workshops on self-defence, where they can pick up the basics.

I andmy friends formed ‘Yodha - the Warrior’, an initiative at our college, where we conduct workshops on self-defence. I feel that mere training will not help one tackle any situation, one should also try to change the attitude of those who indulge in criminal activities against women.

Swathi L. Iyengar, second year, Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital

I believe that being a part of NCC at school or college level will help prepare one to face any threat as it imparts basics of self-defence and makes us strong. It will surely be of great help to students to inculcate discipline and act courageously when the call comes. It also ensures that one is physically fit and helps mould one’s character.

I feel that more students should be part of NCC so that they can prepare themselves to face any threat bravely when the need arises.

Shreya Asopa, third year, B.A.-LL.B., Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies

Although NCC or NSS imparts training in self-defence, that is not the only way to prepare. Attending workshops, classes on self-defence helps one grasp the basics.

As a karate black belt, I have enhanced my self-defence skills and I have even attended workshops on self-defence conducted by NGOs. I am of the opinion that this would help one to create awareness by preparing oneself to act fearlessly.

Pradyumna K.V., second year, B.A.-LL.B., Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies

I believe that NCC and NSS will train and benefit students to encounter any threat; nevertheless, it cannot solve all problems. Apart from NCC, students, especially girls, should look into other means to empower themselves such as attending self-defence classes and workshops.