PPABALIKA M BORAH speaks to Hyderabad Public School alumni

News of the proposed idea of turning the Hyderabad Public School (HPS) also a heritage building, into a secretariat or assembly or both have spurred vast reactions from alumni of the school. According to news reports, the building seems to be a favourite because of its geographical location and its vastness. The property also seems to be on top of the list if the current changes takes place in the bifurcation of the state. The alumni took to social media to react and discuss the issue.


The proposal will not have any support from HPS students and staff. It is not easy to take a decision like that. HPS is a society and it has to be endorsed or passed by the society before they transform the school into something else. HPS is not just a building, there’s heritage value to it and with it come the memories. The school should be left alone.

Ismail Sherif


Very depressing; am surprised at the news. Why is HPS being looked as an alternative? That it is a school is easily forgotten. The government has surplus land elsewhere, they can build anything anywhere. It looks like HPS becomes an easy choice just because it is a school. A film city in the outskirts has much more land than the school, why is that not considered? That location will also not lead to traffic jams and security issues within the city.

Shreyas Reddy

Director, Cardiac Medical Devices

I am yet to get confirmed news. So far we have read it in the newspaper and online but there has been no definite nod from any Government source. Either ways, as an alumnus I am dead against it. It is a school and not just a huge building. And moreover it is a heritage structure and we are all looking forward to celebrating its centenary. A school should not, and cannot, be simply turned into something else. Political changes could affect the future generations.

Kishore Krishnamoorthi


I’m absolutely against it. It has been a school for 90 years and it cannot be turned into something else now. A few years back when the High Court was in flames, there was a similar proposal. Why is the premises of the school always a target? HPS has a large fraternity and has been associated with the building and campus for over 90 years. It is a crucial part of the city’s heritage and is like a second home to its alumni. An assembly or secretariat needs about 4 acres of land.. why can’t the authorities look at using the surplus land from Osmania University?

Shaaz Mehmood

Joint Secretary of HPS Alumni Association