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In interviews, we are often asked about our strengths and weaknesses. It is quite a challenge to answer this question because of its tactical nature. What according to you would be the best way to handle such a question?

Preeti Mishra

Be honest about yourself. No one is perfect. There is no point in hiding weaknesses as they will appear sooner or later. While you should do your best to eradicate your weaknesses, focus on your strengths. The first step towards becoming stronger is to have confidence in yourself.

I have just completed my internship as a management trainee with a reputed organisation and have some great job offers. Though I have some great job offers in hand, But I would like to set up my own venture. Please advise.

Sukriti Simon

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is by being an entrepreneur. I do not think that any job can ever prepare you for it. So, it is always the right time to start, provided you can support yourself financially. Otherwise, you can take up a job, save money and then start your business. It is never too late to become an entrepreneur.

I started working in an MNC soon after my bachelor’s and I have more than five years of experience. I now wish to pursue a master’s in journalism. Is it a right decision ?

Rishi Vyas

There is no better way to work than to love your job. In the renaissance days, people were pursuing extremely varied activities such as being a doctor, astronomer, painter, sculptor or mechanical engineer. They never thought of having limitations while jumping from one field to another.

I am in the final year of my B.Tech and have got a good job offer. However, I wish to pursue M.Tech. What should I do?

Raj R

Take the choice which will lead to the least regrets. Personally, I would pursue an M. Tech because I love education and the power it gives for the rest of the life. But this is a personal choice. I am sure many B. Tech students are more successful than their M. Tech friends. If a company wants to recruit you with a B. Tech, don’t you think that other organisations will want to recruit you with an M. Tech, as well?

Dr. Roberto Mariani is a serial technology entrepreneur and a former computer scientist.

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