Rhyen Thompson @DoTheRHYthing you cant march for everyone that dies. but you can march for 1 boy who represents an entire NATION that wants justice & is fed up w racism.

abhishek singh @abhish18

Nido Taniam is worse than Nirbhaya. Its racism & not rape. It happens in daylight not night. In busy market not in a bus! Not by drunk men!

Rach @Integrated_me

It's easy to curse gvt specially whn u don't support the party bt the thing is that problem lies in society and we r the society #NidoTaniam

Vasudhaaaaaaa @vasudha1592

Will our attitude ever change? Ever? Why treat your own people like outsiders, Delhi? Nido Taniam didn't deserve this, no one does.

Prasanna Raghavan @Raghav_Uvacha

Such horrendous acts should not happen in future. R.I.P #NidoTaniam Hard to believe, racism still exists in certain pockets of the nation.

Compiled by Archana Subramanian @archvivekh

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