Akash Sharma @trueanjanafan #DU

cut off % for Science is 99.25%. Those who scored 60% are now laughing at those who scored 88% ... is this right??

Ravinder Singh @ _RavinderSingh_ DU 100% cut off?? But then, I am also thinking...if in the longer run of this life, these 5 star scores really make that big a difference?

@TheOnlyMard DU cut off 100%. RiP those who have bad handwriting.

Anuj Khurana @HaddHaiYaar DU Cut Off aiming to Cut Off more & more people from education :P

Aladdin!! @Alllahdin Breaking News: Burj Khalifa to be renamed as "DU Cut-Off Building"

ae sexyhaina @rrandumb DU plans to increase their cut off.That means it'll probably be 100% this year. My future kids will never get through college, I save money.

Abhinav Chandel @ABHIandNOW DU's first cut off list is out; it's about time you made the best decision of your life with Lovely Professional university