Falling Rupee


What does 1$ buy you.today? Masala dosa and a coke what does 1 #Rupee buy you? Only A video of Airtel showing how to cook the masala dosa.


i have named my dog #Rupee. It just refuses to get up after it has crashed on to its warm bed.


I get up everyday to find new price of Rupee in the market #Rupee#economia


#gold is trying to prove to #Rupee and all of us that “Hum Bhi kisise kam nahi.”


Mr.#Rupee, How do you respond to all the jokes made on you? Rupee: “I don't appreciate” ;-)

@ PlanningNinja

When you feel low, remember there is the #rupee that hits an all-time low every now and then.


The falling rupee is reflective of more than just a moody sentiment & will require some serious measures from the Indian government. #Rupee

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