Students look for value addition beyond curriculum

Students need to keep reinventing themselves to make their profile marketable by the time the placement season comes up. And this process of reinvention is leading students to equip themselves with extra courses which will be useful on the field and also add an edge to their resume. Although these courses are not a piece of cake and students spend nearly as much time on the extra course as they spend on college work, they do not mind it.

Here is what students had to say when The Hindu EducationPlus asked them what they are doing to boost their resume.

Ani Alex Kurian, final year, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore

I took up algorithm computers at my friend’s father’s company. I learnt about micro controllers and the software MATLAB. These two extra courses helped me in my college syllabus as it made my understanding more solid and clear and also helped me perform better. The benefit of these two experiences would reflect on my resume and I have learnt numerous things outside my college syllabus. This experience also helped clarify any doubts that I had in the classroom and made me stronger in my core subjects as well. I am now sure that I can solve any problem on my own.

Titu S. Zacharia, third year, Bachelor of Computer Applications, St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore

I have done a few extra courses — Networking (CCNA) and certificate course in Personal Growth and Peer Counselling. The latter has helped me grow as an individual and boost my self-esteem as it made me realise what I am and my abilities and aptitude. It has also made me a team player and has taught me to face tough situations. The former is a course that is valid in most companies and this also boosts my resume to get a job. Right now, I am also doing a research paper with a professor from the UGC for rural development in Bijapur. These exposures help me as I become more flexible with different areas of work.

Subby Jacob Varghese, final year, Company Secretaryship, Institute of Company Secretary of India

I had taken an extra course which was not part of my college course – Aptec, a software that works with Microsoft Excel and Word and Tally. This 60-hour course, which can be pursued anytime of the week, has given me practical experience with the software. This will help me in future as most of the companies use this software and I would not have to learn it on the job and I can be ahead of my peers. This experience has given me additional skills for my resume.