KSWU is launching innovative programmes to help journalism students

With an objective of giving more practical knowledge in the field of journalism to the students, the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Karnataka State Women’s University (KSWU) has come out with novel projects in which it is making the students to interact with senior fellows in journalism and media houses via video conference.

The University, which has a hi-tech studio, has been launching innovative programmes to help the budding journalists to gain better knowledge of their field.

“Every journalist knows that mere theoretical knowledge is simply not enough; practical knowledge is critical. Considering this, the University has been preparing programmes that provide higher scope in practical aspects and enhances the knowledge of students. One of the best ways to do so is by making the students directly interact with people in the field who have enormous experience,” said Omkar Kakade, head of the department of journalism of the university.

The University has decided to make best use of technology to aid interaction between professionals and students. The video conference method could be best exploited, Mr. Kakade said.

He said that in this regard, the University has made three segments. In the first segment, the students will be made to interact with the editors of top media houses under the title ‘Interaction with editors.’

In the second segment, the students will be allowed to interact with only women journalists under the title, ‘Interaction with women journalists.’

In the third segment, experts working in other sections of media houses such as in advertisement, circulation and public relations will be invited to share their views and interact with the students.

“We have selected these three segments as they are the intrinsic parts of any media house. While interacting with the editors, students get their doubts cleared on subjects such as trends in media, web journalism, issues and challenges before the journalist, ethical aspects etc. While interacting with the women journalists, the female budding journalists of our university will get to know what are the problems being faced by the women in the field and how they are overcoming them. Also, how women journalist can make a mark in the media which is largely dominated by men. Our programme will primarily help the journalism students who mostly come from rural areas of North Karnataka region where literacy rate and confidence among women to face challenge is low. The interaction will boost their morale and confidence,” Mr. Kakade said.

Stating that Meena Chandavarkar, Vice-Chancellor, and S. A. Kazi, Registrar, are extending full support, Mr. Kakadprogramme with the media experts will start in February. The programmes using video conference have already started. The university organised a lecture via video conferencing by Shanna Dietz Surendr, Culture Affairs Officer, U.S Consulate, with the students of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.