Fifth graders in the UAE will now study and work on problems of sustainability and climate as part of a multi-disciplinary project initiated to instil in them a feeling of responsibility towards their environment.

A joint initiative of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the prestigious Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, the project brings together over 30 teachers to inform the children of environmental issues in the UAE.

With the help of faculty and students from the Masdar Institute, the Grade 5 students will create, implement and study solutions to environmental problems they discover in their schools under the 11-week project.

“This initiative will engage students in a problem-based integrated learning project that will run across the core curriculum, incorporating English, science and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies),” Salem Al Sayeri, the acting director-general of ADEC, said.

He said it will not only develop creative problem-solving research and communication skills, it will also instill in students a sense of personal responsibility and accountability towards the environment.

“We are developing a next generation of leaders that are committed to making the UAE a world leader in environmental and sustainable practices,” he said.

The project will take place in four distinct phases that will see students through a process of data collection and analysis, identification of key environmental challenges at their respective schools and development and implementation of a proposed solution.

In the final phase, students will determine the effectiveness of their solution and present their findings at an exhibition alongside their peers from other participating schools.

ADEC was established in 2005 to implement innovative educational policies, plans and programmes that aim to improve education and support educational institutions.