The School Education Department has claimed that it is yet to receive the report of Justice Govindarajan Committee on school fee structure. The information officer of the department has said this in a letter to a consumer forum here.

General secretary of the Consumer Confederation-Tamil Nadu M. Nizamudeen told reporters that invoking the provisions of the Right to Information Act on June 7, he had requested the Education Department to make available a copy of Justice Govindarajan Committee report for which he also paid the prescribed fees.

But, designated Information Officer S. Vedarathinam, in his reply dated June 17, had observed that the Education Department was yet to receive the committee report.

However, the official had promised to forward the letter to the Special Officer to the committee.

Mr. Nizamudeen said that parents and students had already staged demonstrations in various parts of the State protesting the collection of higher fees than what was prescribed in the committee report.

This prompted the government to come out with a response that it would derecognise the schools that failed to adhere to the recommendations.