School sure would be fun if you could play in class. For schools that have the “Pragati Ki Anokhi Paathshala” programme implemented by ICICI Prudential, students learn using tricks and tips that make class work as easy as play.

S. K International school, Shantinagar, Jaipur, was among the first to implement this. In a maths class, as the teacher keeps count, the girls take the lead to answer a rather complicated looking sum but don’t quite get it right. Finally the teacher explains, “Just as we have friends in class, in Mathematics too some numbers are friends.”

Quality learning

Subham Jain, Std VIII, likes math. “Finally here is an easy method that saves us long calculations,” he beams. For Poonam Sharma, Std VIII, this is a cool way to save time. She wants to teach her sister this method as well.

Meant for schools that don’t have access to quality workshops and other resources that help children learn better, this programme is a two-day affair that gives tips and tricks to study smarter. It covers sections like memory enhancement, communication skills and tricks and training.

Specially trained instructors come to school and teach these innovative techniques. Communication skills are also given prominence. Homonyms can be tough to understand and remember. Called ‘Twin Words’, they are carefully denoted by pictures so that the spelling and difference is clear. ‘Male’ and ‘Mail’ stumps most but many guesses later, they finally get ‘right’ and ‘write’.

Saloni adds to their word bank with ‘see’ and ‘sea’ as does Apeksha with ‘light’ and ‘light’. Harshit now understands the concept of prepositions. Most want more than just the two days of intensive classes they get.

It’s a formula

“All from 9 and the last from 10” – for subtractions.

Ex: 1000 - 357 = 643

Take each figure in 357 from 9 and the last figure from 10. This always works for subtractions from numbers consisting of a 1 followed by noughts as in 100, 1000 and 10,000.


Pick a Pair

Twenty cards with pictures of ten different people like a doctor, policeman, cricketer, teacher and lawyer.

How to play

The cards are shuffled and placed face down on a magnetic board. Pick one card from the set and remember the illustration on it before placing it back again.

Select another card.

If it pairs with the card first picked, then the two cards are a pair and removed. If the card does not, then try again.

For Payal Gupta, Std II, this ‘chipku card’ is fun and she takes about 25 seconds to make her pairs.

It’s new, It’s fun and best of all it’s easy.