The Dialogue Foundation is a not-for-profit organization deeply committed to offer a platform to promote the youth of our country to engage in various events that give them the opportunity to make a change.

It is an initiative by Priyaa and Sunayana ,two university students from Chennai. . We are proud to have volunteers from across the country, belonging to various ethnic and academic backgrounds, who share experience in debating, chairing and judging various national debates across the nation.

What made you start Dialogue Foundation?

Youth power in India is a myth.We are here to make it reality. When we entered college, we decided we must create a platform that offers the youngsters of today a chance to voice their opinions, an opportunity to widen their social circle,gain exposure about surfeit of perceptions and come up with possible solutions for various sensitive and burning issues across the world. Everyone wants to speak out ,so we decided to not only offer a podium for discussions but also make sure their voice is heard.

What is the difference between MUN and your debating society?

MUN has a completely different layout than ours, it is a simulation of the United Nations and expects every participant to speak for their assigned nation.Here,we have created a framework where an individual's reasoning and substantiations are of utmost importance.

Tell us about your association with IIT madras debating society?

Our foundation's first venture Dialogue in association with the debating society in IIT madras is a national level debating competition,aiming to bring together students enrolled in undergraduate degree program to engage in a series of debates on a wide range of agendas.The structure of dialogue is deeply inspired by the DMI(debating matters india) competition for high school students.

What is your plan of action?

At the moment, we are keen on making dialogue one of the most biggest youth summits in India.Apart from the debates among college teams,the three days conference also includes panelist discussions.The teams are first expected to take an online elimination test followed by an interview and 12 outstanding entries are chosen to attend the summit in late september.

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