The team of students drawn from various branches of engineering create windmill with a capacity of 500 wattsas a pollution free energy generating arrangement

Application of knowledge gained is what expected from students and not reproduction of mugged up answers in the examination. A group of students from Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) exactly followed this principal to create a windmill at the college.

The team of students drawn from various branches of engineering were successful in creating a windmill with a capacity of 500 watts output and store in batteries for further usage. “Wind energy is one of the admirable sources among the various renewable energy resources. We took up the challenge of fabricating a pollution free energy generating arrangement and created the windmill under the guidance of Dr. K.B.V.Rao,” said K.C.B.BalaSubramanyam, a final year student who was involved in the project.

Mr. Balasubramanyam said students from different domains were involved for each part of the project. Electrical students were responsible to fabricate generator and charging units while Mechanical students were made responsible for preparing the base stand, balancing of blades and shaft coupling to the structure, and its erection.

Electronics students were given the responsibility for designing a speed control circuit which protects the unit from high currents and speeds of wind.

The other students involved in the project included M. Anwesh kumar, R.V.D.S.N.Aditya, B.Sai Surya, L.Saketh, B.Lokesh, M.Madhuri, K.Malathi, J.Manikumar, Murali Krishna, A.Naganitish, Y.Narayana, Prudhviraj, G.Ragni, A. Rahul, Uday, R.Mahesh Babu, M.Uday Kumar, Krishna Chaitanya and Abhinav Karthik. The project took around three months of time for testing and erection process, and was inaugurated by K. Satyanarayana Murthy, senior Deputy General Manager of BHEL.


The College Chairman, Dr. Goutham Rao; principal, Dr. Jayanth Kulkarni, and Head of the Mechanical Department Rushi Joshi appreciated students efforts.