For students of private and corporate colleges the day starts with classroom lessons and ends with study hours. Despite repeated advises on inclusion of physical and recreational activities, the managements have been doing precious little to show any sign of adherence.

But, the case of the IIIT at Nuzvid in Krishna District is different where a student’s day starts with a refreshing dose of music, yoga and sports. Extra Academic Activity (EAA) is part of syllabus for the budding engineers on the campus. At the end of the academic year, it is mandatory for all students to clear the EAA test.

“Every day, three hours are earmarked for music, yoga, sports and games, NCC and NSS under EAA,” says the Institute Director Ibrahim Khan.

“About 800 students are enrolled for training in vocal, mrudangam and Kuchipudi dance, nearly 300 for yoga and 650 students have joined the Fourth Andhra Girls Battalion, the17 Andhra Boys and 1 EME besides 500 other students who chose the NCC”, says EAA Coordinator Ch. Subba Lakshmi.

Coaching is also given in basketball, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, throw ball, shuttle, tennicoit, cricket, chess and caroms. Four physical directors impart training to the students, says the Physical Director K. Adi Seshu.

“EAA is one of the first year subjects in addition to the regular engineering subjects and languages. Equal priority is given to sports, yoga, NCC and NSS activities. This is in addition to coaching in soft skills, business skills and personality development,” informs K. Kusuma Priya, a student.

“Our students have been participating in a number of State, national and international-level events and have won many prizes. Most girls show a tilt towards music, NCC and as many as 400 of them are in girls battalion,” says NSS Programme Officer P. Surya Chander Rao.

“About 20 teachers impart training under the EAA. The day starts with jogging and yoga between 5.30 a.m. and 6.30 a.m. followed by music classes. In the afternoon, students head to the playground for a two-hour training in NCC and NSS activities from 3.15 p.m. The campus is well equipped with sprawling play grounds, courts and games kits”, says Mr. Khan.