Daksh Octa, the techno-management festival of SASTRA University, will focus on improving national security through technology.

The eighth edition of SASTRA University’s techno-management festival DAKSH is back and will be held between February 21 and 23, at the university campus in Thanjavur. Continuing with its practice of revolving around a theme, DAKSH OCTA this year focuses on terrorism and peace. With thematically titled cluster of events like Shield, Guardian, Grey Matter, Reconnaisance, and so on, DAKSH celebrates concepts in civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, IT, biotechnology, law, management, etc. and uses them in competitive events to address issues concerning the security of the country and global security. It is expected that over 2,000 students from institutions all over the country will participate in these events that carry a total cash prize of over Rs.6,00,000.

The flagship events for DAKSH OCTA are ‘Forensics’ and ‘Be the Saviour.’ Forensics is an event that simulates a crime scene to test the investigative brilliance of participants and Saviour is a robotic event that simulates a real-time terrorism encounter. Smart Room, Quad Copter, Space Trek are expos organised to provide infotainment and will see reality effects of vertical take-off UAVs, space walk and housebreak. In addition, a team of highly skilful master trainers from Calicut will be performing the traditional martial art Kalaripayattu to create awareness on the need for self-defence.

More information is available at www.daksh.sastra.edu.

The writer is, Dean, Planning and Development SASTRA University, Thanjavur.