The plan to provide subsidised meals to students of govt. colleges is largely welcomed

With the State Government recently announcing that it is contemplating providing mid-day meals at subsidised rates to students, and teaching and non-teaching staff of all government colleges, many are of the opinion that it will be a boon for thousands of students who cannot afford regular meals at college canteens. This will also benefit those students whose colleges do not even have a canteen.

When The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to principals of some government colleges, they welcomed the proposal but were apprehensive about the implementation of the scheme. They added that proper monitoring along with quality check of the food can help the proposed scheme to run effectively.

We also asked some government college students the usefulness of the scheme if it is implemented. Here are the excerpts:

Darshan Kev, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, third semester, S.J. Polytechnic College

The scheme, if implemented, will help the student community in a big way. There are many students who come from underprivileged backgrounds and they will surely benefit if lunch is provided in college.

I usually spend Rs. 20 a day on lunch and I happen to eat four times a week at the college canteen. Some students come from as far as 60 km to reach college, so the scheme will give them the required nutrition.

Chaitra, B.Com final year, Government Maharani Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women

The scheme will help many. The union and office-bearers in college should ask all the students about this scheme. This will open their eyes to the fact that not all can afford to buy lunch every day. There are many who cannot afford a proper meal a day and for them it will bring great respite.

One has to spend at least Rs. 20 to buy lunch in the canteen which rarely is filling. I don’t spend on lunch every day but twice a week.

Kalaivani V., B.A. in Psychology, third year, VHD Central Institute of Home Science

I appreciate the Government for proposing to extend the mid-day meal scheme to college students. It will become very easy for students if food is provided in college. Many students come from poor families, so spending on lunch every day is difficult. I personally know of friends who do not have a proper place to stay, hence expenditure on lunch is an added burden. I usually spend Rs. 30 for a meal in the college canteen. I eat lunch in the college canteen twice a week.

Prashant H., MBA, first semester, Central College Campus, Bangalore University

The scheme will largely benefit students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. I personally know of many students who come from far-off places and do not even have breakfast. I spend around Rs. 30 six days a week on lunch. I have no option but to spend that much. I hope something concrete will take shape as far as the scheme goes.

Namita, third semester, B.E. Electronics, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering

The scheme won’t be too useful. I am doubtful about the quality of food that will be served, going by the incidents reported in the past. This scheme will majorly benefit hostel students who need better quality food. I spend Rs. 15 to 20 for a meal in the college canteen. I also venture out if I don’t like the canteen food. I spend around Rs. 200 a week on food.

Murli Naik, BBM final year, Government Arts and Science College

The scheme will benefit the student community at large. Usually we carry lunch from home but in case lunch is made available by the government it will be a big boon and help the student community. I have lunch once a week at the canteen and spend Rs. 15 for a meal.