“Technology will amplify the value of social media.”

“Social media is a rapidly evolving world. There are many challenges in adoption of social media. Technology augments the strength of social media and negates its challenges,” said Vasudev Murthy, general manager, Wipro Consultancy Services.

He was speaking at the Social Media Summit 2011, organised by the department of commerce, MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai, recently. According to him, appropriate use of social media for proper communication can ensure that it can function both as a market and a medium.

“Technology will enable social media manifest in all areas. Therefore, social impact of social media will be high,” he said. The possibilities of social media will be extraordinary in a few years from now, as technology will amplify the value of social media. So what are the benefits of social media? Says Mr. Murthy: “With the advancement of social media, time gets squeezed and resources get optimised.”

The summit aimed at bringing together all marketers, researchers across academic institutions and industries. It provided a platform for students to discuss and debate on the paradigm shift that has occurred in the marketing process due to the huge influence of social networking sites and online communication on consumers.

This two-day summit had resource persons from various industries address the students on day one. On day two, the summit had workshop sessions for academicians and students on the usage of advanced social media marketing tools and techniques. The college also launched its Social Media Youth Association (SYMA) at the summit. The SYMA will amplify the usage and harness the benefit of social media in the world of networking among the youth.