Students of the IBS Hyderabad celebrated the freshers party ‘Samajika’ with objectives ranging from entertainment to sensitisation

Senior students of the IBS Hyderabad celebrated the freshers party in a unique way through myriad of events with objectives ranging from entertainment to competitions to social sensitisation.


The programme titled ‘Samajika’ had the twin objective of giving the freshers the feeling of being welcomed and also to sensitise them to the social issues that plague the world today. The students were divided into four teams and each was given a social awareness cause.

Their task was to educate the people about these issues and also the corrective measures which can be taken in that direction.

A team that took ‘Pledge To Go Green’ had a marathon at KBR Park followed by a skit and a flash mob which covered very important issues like ill harms of plastic, global warming, pollution and how humans, animals and plants are being affected because of our ignorance.

They made the audience around sign a pledge that they will take some steps for protecting our mother earth.

Street play

A street play was conducted at Necklace Road promoting the need to protect national heritage sites. At Panjagutta circle a group of students created traffic awareness and through a street play they addressed issues like drunken driving, using mobile while driving, jay walking and riding without helmet.

A play at Madhapur dealt with child labour.

The play ended with a touching song sung by the students.