Monroe College, New York, provides affordable, quality education.

Indian students who aspire to pursue degree courses in the U.S. need to first assess themselves and figure out if they will fit into a large university or in a smaller private college and decide accordingly,” says  Alex Ephrem, senior vice-president, Monroe College, U.S.

Mr. Ephrem, an alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai, says that unless students are independent and strong-willed, they may not be able to sustain themselves in a huge university. Monroe College could be the right place for Indian students who prefer a smaller campus, affordable tuition fee and campus situated in the city. Rated as one of the most affordable private colleges in the U.S., Monroe College, New York, founded in 1933, has three campuses and attracts a large number of international students. “The college provides quality education and equips students for the job market. The college offers bachelor’s and master’s courses. This is not a research institute and also not a university but an independent institution,” Mr. Ephrem says. Students have to get correct information from an authentic source and make sure they provide authentic documents and funding details for visa. Another advantage of studying at Monroe is that the students can complete their bachelor’s degree in two years and eight months, as the college offers three semesters in an academic year. Therefore, students can complete their B.A. and M.A. in four years’ time. Shorter duration means cost of education is cut down substantially.

Some of the academic programmes that are most popular among Indians are accounting, criminal justice, hospitality, IT, health and medical sciences, pharmacy, public health and nursing.  Also the MBA offered by this college is preferred by many Indians. “Ours is a small class, but focused,” Mr. Ephrem says. The college offers special scholarships for meritorious international students and also provides job assistance. There are approximately 50 Indian students at Monroe College right now. The college has its regional office in India and students can apply online. For details, email: Website: